­čÄüNew Year 2022 Sale­čÄüMultifunctional Double Sided Adhesive Tape´╝ł60 PCS´╝ë

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Versatile double-sided tape keeps items in place without slipping.


  • Multifunctional Adhesive Tape:┬áMade of high-quality material, our clear double-sided tape is very strong and durable. Easy to install, no tools required, no curing or drying for instant adhesion.

  • Easy to use, no cutting required:┬áYou can also customize it to your needs. It can be easily cut to any size or length you want. You just need to stick the tape on the surface of the item.
  • Easy to tear without hurting the surface:┬á┬áThe tape can be peeled off without leaving adhesive residue, and it is easy to tear without damaging the surface. (Note: It is not recommended to use it on a cracked wall to prevent the wall from falling down when removing the tape).

  • Versatile:┬áThis double-sided tape can stick to almost any smooth surface, so you can stick anything anywhere. You can use it to attach or paste pictures, photos, picture frames, wall stickers, posters, and other items, hooks, shelves, cell phone holders, rugs, flower pots, cups, decorations, crafts, and so on.


  • Material:┬áAcrylic
  • Weight:┬á30g
  • Color:┬áTransparent
  • Size:┬á15*45mm


  • 1 BOX ├Ś Multifunctional Double Sided Adhesive Tape´╝ł60 PCS´╝ë

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