Clean Cut Proffesional Paint Edger

Clean Cut Proffesional Paint Edger with 2-Pack Replacement Rollers Brush Tool Multifunctional for Home Room Wall Ceilings.


??The trimming roller brush paints 10-20 times faster than a sash brush.

??The trimming roller brush can greatly reduce the time spent on applying masking tape.

??The trimming roller brush can ensure that even painters with little or no experience can paint consistent, straight edges with no paint on the trim.

??This technology will eliminate hours of tedious work required to tape and / or cut in by hand.

??Type: Painted roller --Material: ABS --Suitable places: doors, windows, ceilings, accent walls, skirting, chair railings.

?Can be used to cut in the paint around:
1. Doors 2. Windows 3. Ceilings 4. Accent Walls 5. Baseboards 6. Crown Molding 7. Chair Rail.

?After using the brush, the work efficiency will be higher. All in all, the trimming roller brush can reduce the number of painters needed on a job by 50% or more.

?The XT model is designed to be mounted on any standard paint pole, which allows you to paint the top of the wall against the ceiling without having to constantly get up and down a ladder.

?Great for painting above stairwells, cathedral and vaulted ceilings, and for any user who prefers to minimize the time spent painting on a ladder. Can be loaded in any standard 9" paint pan or a five gallon bucket. Can be used with or without a paint pole.

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