Nordic Halo Lamp

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You've asked, we've listened and delivered - Say goodbye to ever needing the Sunset Lamp

On the back of the success of selling over 5000 of our Sunset Lamp as well as gathering feedback from our lovely customers, after 2 months of product research and development  the Nordic Lamps team is proud to offer the Nordic Halo Lamp .

Inspired by true  Scandavian minimalism  the  Nordic Halo Lamp  is a stylish light art projector that comes with a remote giving you the power to  create the perfect ambience of your choice in a matter of seconds.


 New and Improved - Succeeding the Sunset Lamp, the Halo Lamp has been upgraded with both an aluminum lamp cap for improved dissipation of heat and an iron base for increased durability.

 Remote Control Function - Creating the perfect ambience is at your fingers with the choice from 16 colors along with having  4 modes to choose from (smooth, flash, strobe and fade). This will give you full control of the type of ambience and projection you desire.

 Reduce Depression, Stress & Anxiety - Studies shows that lights that mimic natural lights such as the sunset and aurora helps to reduce depression, stress and anxiety through elevating your mood. With this Halo Lamp you can relax, close your eyes and embrace your own personal ambience from the comfort of your home!

 Perfect for Photos - Get that flawless skin and allow your Halo Lamp to softly illuminate your surroundings with it's mesmerizing lights giving you that golden glow.

 Easy to Use  - The Sunset Lamp can rotate up to 180° degree allowing for easy projection. Simply plug through USB and you're ready to go.

Our Best Customer Review

"I bought this for my wife who is notoriously bad tempered in the afternoon. Having used this for a few months now I can say she is much more pleasant to be around and my life expectancy has improved immeasurably" - Mark

The Nordic Halo Lamp is made to deliver the ideal soothing environment for you to either relax, improve your mood or for overall interior aesthetics.

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