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This Prosperity Money Bag Ancient Charm Keychain is meticulously crafted with good fortune symbol. Money bags, much like wealth pots, have long been used to represent prosperity, wealth and success in Feng Shui.

Why does it bring wealth?

Money bags symbolize unending good fortune, prosperity and success. By using a wealth bag, it’s said that you are attracting wealth luck from all directions to you, while at the same time averting a monetary loss.

The ancient coins included is also known to bring about good fortune. These coins represent the powerful union of heaven and earth; the square hole in the middle represents the energy of the earth, while the circle represents the chi (energy) of heaven. They are known to be powerful emblems of wealth and prosperity.

Help husband and wife get along.

Keep everyone in the family safe

How to use it?

  • Use it as a keychain for your keys/wallet/purse
  • Hang it in the car
  • Gift it as a blessing to your loved ones 
Material: brass + alloy
Size: about 10.7cm in length
Package includes: 1x pendant

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